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Ashland Sky totes & bags are perfect for all types of craft and needlework projects. They are made of high quality, durable frosted vinyl and heavy nylon pack cloth. Every Ashland Sky product is manufactured entirely in the USA by a work training program for people with disabilities.

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Think Pink !
Ashland Sky bags now in rich, vibrant ‘Hot Pink’ !!!

Totes & Bags:

Flat Sacks:

All of the Flat Sack totes have convenient shoulder straps for ease in carrying.
   • Large - 18x24” for your biggest projects.
   • Medium - 20x20” for up to 16x16” projects.
   • Small - 15x15" for weekend crafts.


Project Pouches:

At 9x12”, these are perfect for instructions & stitch guides, yarns, threads, fibers and your larger tools. Drop it into the back of the Flat Sack to keep the entire project in one place.


Gadget Bags:

The smallest of the Ashland Sky bags are only 6x7” and are just the right size for small scissors, magnets, needles, bead vials, and thimbles. Slip it into the back of your Flat Sack or Project Pouch.

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Ashland Sky is a manufaturer and wholesaler to established retail stores. As such, we do not sell directly to the general public. However, crafters and stitchers are invited to browse our products and contact their favorite local retail stores to place orders.

Updated: 01/10/15
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